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Accelerating Energy Materials Discovery with Computation

March 12, 2020

Seminar, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Electrical & Computer Engineering Department, Urbana, IL

Invited departmental seminar at UIUC where I discussed both my PhD and postdoctoral work.

Bayesian Parameter Estimation: Computational Methods

February 17, 2020

Guest Lecture, CMU Course 24-786: Bayesian Machine Learning, Pittsburgh, PA

I gave two guest lectures in Prof. Viswanathan's graduate course in Bayesian methods for machine learning.

Semiconductor Parameter Extraction (and more!) with Bayesian Inference

October 25, 2018

Seminar, MIT Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Cambridge, MA

I spoke about bayesim and some applications to the MIT SIAM group.

Computational Screening for Defect-Tolerant Semiconductors

August 18, 2018

Talk, Gordon Research Seminar on Defects in Semiconductors, New London, NH

Invited talk about my defect tolerance work at the Gordon Research Seminar Click title to download PDF (I make no guarantee that animations will look nice).

Cross-Sectional EBIC Characterization of III-V Semiconductors for Photovoltaic Applications

April 29, 2013

Talk, Yale Physics Department, New Haven, CT

Undergraduate senior thesis presentation

Improving Active Layer Performance of Hybrid Photovoltaics by Nano Imprinting with Bulk Metallic Glass

April 27, 2012

Talk, Yale Physics Department, New Haven, CT

Undergraduate research presentation