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I’m a computational materials scientist (with significant previous experimental experience), currently a Manufacturing Futures Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow working in the group of Venkat Viswanathan on optimization of battery materials.

Previously, I did my PhD in the Photovoltaics Research Lab at MIT, where I performed first-principles simulations to understand defect physics in solar cell materials as well as high-throughput device-level simulations to use Bayesian inference along with experimental data to more quickly and accurately measure fundamental materials properties. I developed an open-source code for that project, bayesim, and am always keen to find new users!

My overarching goal in my work is to have an impact on the existential problem of climate change through improving renewable energy technology. I’ve also been involved in renewables-related outreach through Project Bright at Yale as well as various organizations at MIT including my former research group, the MIT Energy Club (where I led the Solar/Grid community for two years), the Office of Sustainability, Fossil Free MIT, and the Science Policy Initiative.

Since my time as an undergrad in physics at Yale, I’ve also been devoted to the cause of increasing representation of women (and other URG’s) in STEM fields. In 2012, I helped to organize the Northeast Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, and I returned to the conference as a graduate student speaker 2015. At MIT, I served as co-president of Women of Materials Science (WoMS).

Please check out ways to reach me as well as my various other homes on the web in the menu (either to the left or above, depending on your screen resolution) and click the links at the top of the page to check out some of my other experience and work! You can download my CV here.

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