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Bike Power and Hills

10 minute read


Nerding out about bikes…likely not for the last time.

Don’t finish that!

5 minute read


More philosophizing! This time about time management.

Why Hello There…

less than 1 minute read


Hi there! I thought I’d start using the blog feature to share my thoughts and/or cool little side projects I take on for fun. This post is really just a placeholder commemorating the fact that I figured out how to turn the blog option back on for the site template. Look forward to some actual content hitting this space soon!



Science and QR Tutor

Tutoring, Yale University, Dean's Office, 2011

I served as a Science and QR (quantitative reasoning) tutor through the Yale Dean’s office. Students who were struggling in their classes could apply for a tutor and I would meet with them one-on-one and help them learn material and work on their homework. I tutored for a variety of classes including calculus and introductory physics.

MIT 3.23

TA, MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering, 2018

I served as a teaching assistant to the first-year graduate course 3.23: Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Materials, taught by Prof. Geoffrey Beach. Responsibilities included writing problem sets and solutions, giving recitation lectures, and holding office hours and exam review sessions.

Graduate Student Teaching Award

Award, MIT School of Engineering, 2019

"The Graduate Teaching Awards are presented to a faculty member or a teaching assistant from each school (Architecture and Planning, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Engineering, Sloan School of Management, Science, and Health Sciences and Technology) for excellence in teaching graduate courses."

Graduate Student Teaching Award

Award, MIT Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, 2019

Departmental award given to a graduate student TA "for excellence in teaching a graduate subect"

Where do Molecular Dynamics Potentials Come From?

Guest Lecture, CMU Course 12-623/24-623: Molecular Simulation of Materials, 2020

Since 2020, I have given a yearly guest lecture in Prof. Wang’s class to elucidate the origin interatomic potentials used in simulation techniques such as molecular dynamics: namely, quantum simulation!

Future Faculty Program

Teaching Preparation, Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation, Carnegie Mellon University, 2020

“The Future Faculty Program helps graduate students develop and document their teaching skills in preparation for a faculty career. Participants in this program learn the principles of effective course design and pedagogy through our seminars, receive feedback on their teaching through teaching feedback consultations, and apply what they have learned in completing a course & syllabus design project and a statement of teaching philosophy project.”